On Breathing Little Prayers

“Think what it would mean to have every word that passes our lips winged and blessed with prayer—always to breathe a little prayer before we speak, as we speak. This would put heavenly sweetness into all our speech! It would make all our words kindly, loving, inspiring words—words that would edify and minister grace to those who hear.”

“Think of a woman amid her household cares—taking everything to God for His blessing, for His approval, for His direction. These are not by any means impossible suppositions. Indeed, this is the way a Christian is to live, should always live—doing all in the name of the Lord Jesus!”

J.R. Miller

On Repentance and Grace at Hand -Toby J. Sumpter

The problem is that when Christians talk about the problem of sin, the reality of what it means to be guilty before God, the condemnation that holds the world captive, we actually do not mean to coax you onto a wire to cross the Grand Canyon. We do not mean for you to try harder, to be better. This is precisely what the Christian gospel is not. The call to repentance is not more condemnation. The call to repentance is always accompanied by the good news that that Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, the Kingdom of Heaven is near, the Kingdom of Heaven is here. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a kingdom of works righteousness. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a game of bureaucratic chutes and corporate ladders amped up on angelic steroids unto ages of ages, amen. The Kingdom of Heaven is the Kingdom of Grace. The Kingdom of Heaven is the Kingdom of God’s Lovingkindness.

Toby J. Sumpter


On Meeting God in the Domestic Tasks -A.W. Pink

“Intimate fellowship with God can be enjoyed not only by one in the cloister but by the housewife while engaged in her domestic tasks and by her husband as he works for his daily bread. God graciously communes with each of His people while they are about their secular duties as there are discharged in obedience to Him.”

A.W. Pink, Gleanings from Paul: The Prayers of the Apostle (p.313)